Sporty Stars




Summary of how SportyStars promote HEALTHY Children through Sport



  • SportyStars provide physical education & sports lessons to children of all abilities between the ages of 2-5 year olds
  • Lessons are rewarding, with children exercising & learning whilst still having fun
  • Our sessions are taught by professionally recognised qualified staff
  • For younger children our teaching programme is designed to build confidence & awareness during sporting activity
  • For older children the teaching programme also incorporates specific skill acquisition and exercises that help their physical & mental development
  • All lessons that SportyStars provide have one aim, to make sport fun which then translates into a healthier happy child


THE sportystars WAY


  • Physical Education and Sport should always be fun
  • Each child is an individual who deserves respect & understanding,  whatever their ability, race, disability or religion
  • The involvement in Sport is put before competitiveness
  • Sport is used to develop confidence and self belief within each child




  • All lessons are carried out to the highest level of expertise
  • Staff members act as role models for all children
  • SportyStars will provide a real life benefit to children which will have a positive impact on them for the rest of their lives
  • SportyStars strive to instil the promotion of self development, both physically and psychologically to all
  • By making Sport fun at an early age, participants can continue to enjoy sport for the rest of their lives, and therefore maintain a healthier & happier lifestyle



What we Teach & How we Teach

Each week SportyStars teach a different sport, these sports include:

Football, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Baseball, Hoop Games, Target Games, Basic Ball Skills

And many more……..

  • A SportyStars lesson is structured and lasts for 30 minutes to maximise concentration levels. (A typical lesson plan can be seen on the following page)
  • A fun warm up and warm down game is included to start & finish each lesson
  • The price of a SportyStars lesson is £3.50 per child
  • We are happy to provide feedback on your child’s progress on request
  • Suitable clothing & footwear should be worn during the lesson to coincide with our Health & Safety policy
  • Each session is taught by a qualified sports coach
  • Every coach used by SportyStars is vetted by the police, CRB registered & trained in first aid
  • Any complaints or concerns can be raised with the coach at anytime
  • SportyStars require a member of the nursery staff to be present at all time
  • Coaches will attend Parents Evenings, Open Days & Sports Days on request




A SportyStars lesson is typically made up of 3 parts

  • The warm up
  • The main activities
  • The warm down

A typical Sportystars lesson plan is shown below



The warm up game:

  • Each child will receive their own rugby ball; we will talk about the colours of the rugby ball, the shape of the rugby ball & what the rugby ball feels like.

‘Touchdown’ the children will place the ball under their arm, on command they will run around until the coach shouts out ‘touchdown’, the children will then try to touch the rugby ball down on the floor as quickly as they can


The Lesson Structure:

  • The children will start by walking with their rugby ball in their hands, following the coach throwing and catching the ball with their hands
  • The children will hold the ball in their hands, with the ‘pointed’ part of the ball facing the ground. On the coaches command the children will drop the ball and chase it in the direction it the ball falls, trying to stop the ball before it stops itself
  • The children will then be shown how to balance their ball on a cone. Each child will the stand behind their ball, before kicking the ball from the cone


The warm down game:

  • The children will be divided onto two teams (e.g. the ‘Red’ team & the ‘Blue’ team); they will stand in a line with the coach standing in between the two teams. The coach will have two rugby balls in their hand (red & blue). When the coach throws the two balls, the first child from the ‘blue’ team & the first child from the ‘red’ team will attempt to retrieve their teams ball & bring it back to the coach as quickly as possible, this will continue until each child has had a turn 


The diverse benefits of sport for children



Self-Expression + Happier Child +Teamwork & Group Interaction –> Confidence Building, Social Skills.


Cardiovascular Training –> Strength, Speed, Stamina & Flexibility


Awareness, Balance & Coordination –> Skill Acquisition  & Development


This diagram above illustrates the diverse benefits and effects that can be seen in a child through the involvement in sport. These benefits fundamentally lead to a healthier & happier child

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