Tweenie (13-26 Months)

Ratio: Under 2's 1:3 and over 2's 1:4

The Tweenie unit is a warm and welcoming environment providing care for 21 children between the ages of 13-26 months, as they explore and develop through crafts/messy play and small group activities there are 6 qualified staff on hand, offering a high standard of physical care to ease your baby through the transition from babies to Tweenies as smoothly as possible. Time and attention are given to supporting our children as they make their journey towards independence. Plenty of reassurance, encouragement and explanation is offered to our children as they make this transition.

At Les Enfants we operate a system whereby parents are encouraged to initiate regular update meetings with their child’s key worker. This ensures that we can form a strong relationship with you as a parent in order to keep you up to date with your child’s development.

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