Toddler (2-3 Years)

Ratio: 1:4

The Toddler unit provides care for 28 children between the ages of 2-3 years. The fun, brightly lit atmosphere is filled with age-appropriate play opportunities, activities and peer group contact – specifically geared to meet the needs of the active and enquiring toddler.

Our team of 7 qualified staff will happily undertake general toddler training. As your child matures and progresses they will be encouraged in more formal areas along the same lines as offered in our Pre-school units. Where possible we will endeavor to move your child through the units within their familiar peer groups.

Our Toddlers have the opportunity to take part in additional classes such as ‘Sporty Stars’ and a music and movement session run by ‘Breathe street’

At Les Enfants we operate a system whereby parents are encouraged to initiate regular update meetings with their child’s key worker. This ensures that we can form a strong relationship with you as a parent in order to keep you up to date with your child’s development.


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